Deforming Realities - Sustainability as Integrated Dynamism

3rd Prize, Macro Architecture

Sustainability as Integrated Dynamism

>> "Deforming Realities" is a futuristic concept which references the latest trends in the development of technical fabrics and convertible structures.
The façade, up to now, a rigid shell with definition, is destined to become a supple, flexible, and consequently, versatile skin, with the ability to constantly react to both user requirements and climatic demands.
Architects have long dreamed of shells, which can change and adapt without the need for a time-consuming transformational, construction process.

"Deforming Realities" picks up on this desire and thematizes not only the adaptability of the load-bearing structure and outer skin, which not only acts as a soft intermediary between interior and exterior, but also carries these properties across to the interior spaces and furniture, which will be developed in an adaptable way.

This work provides the stimulus to ponder and further consider architecture's "immovability" and claims to immutability. It documents an ongoing process and was appreciated and honored by the jury as a fresh, unconventional contribution, the stimulus for a dialogue with developers and manufacturers of flexible load-bearing structures and ductile membranes. <<

Excerpt of jury protocol, Techtextil, Tensinet, 2009


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Sobek
Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK) University of Stuttgart

Heidrun Bögner-Balz

Michael Jänecke
Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH