Simultaneous Topography

From Topography to Building

Mina Yaney, Bernhard Dal-Bianco

This project has been involved in exploring the fusion between elements of architecture and nature while referencing Laugier's Essai sur l'architecture, (1755). The design constitutes a thermal bath which is geometrically and geothermally integrated in the mountain Traunstein.

After accurately modeling the mountain's contours, the architectural volume has been extrapolated from the mountain's morphology. Two principal movements generate the building: a movement outside the mountain and a simultaneous movement inside the mountain. Those 2 movements generated the building's geometry.

The swimming pool is designed as a boundary-dissolving element which connects the building's interior and exterior. Thereby the visitors can swim from the thermal hall into the mountain's interior. The hall's interior space is designed as an artificial topography which continues the external topography while creating surfaces for recovery and relaxation for the visitors. The landscape mutates gradually into the building while the building fades into the landscape. A thermal bath visit becomes a natural recovery experience.