Oriental Sandwich Bar - The Premium Takeaway Shop

Planning & Realization: 2017

OSB is a new food brand in the oriental takeaway segment. The project involved an integrative design comprising architectural branding, corporate identity, visual branding, packaging design and reconstruction.

The design conceptualizes the Oriental Sandwich Bar as an interface between different cultures. Hence elements of different oriental-historic and western-contemporary building styles have been hybridized into a new spatial experience analogous to OSB's food style which synthesizes different oriental and western cuisines into a new taste.

Parts of the walls were covered with colored Moroccan mosaic tiles and extend from the kitchen to the exterior space of the facade and the canopy's underside. The ornamental tessellation has been mapped onto different materials via CNC milling and laser engraving technologies. The arabesque pattern constitutes therefore a continuous "ornamental skin" throughout different materials in the shop and on the packaging as well.

The ventilation system was inspired by saxophone-building and was fabricated out of brass with engraved ornaments and visible mechanics. The golden ventilation emphasizes the technological necessity for cultural production while celebrating both food culture and its technological presupposition. The kitchen front was manufactured out of Mahogany wood with milled ornaments referencing ancient Coptic art.

The facade cladding connects the exterior skin with the canopy and with the interior dado through a sculptural black glass cladding which should attract pedestrians while passing by. An openable façade system facilitates an extended space on the sidewalk in the summer.