Collage - Modular Architectural Systems | Motile Urbanism

Collage is an architectural-urban project, which seeks to engineer a novel structural layer of urban mobility within the smart cities of tomorrow. This layer introduces a motile and modular urban logic while superimposing a dynamic environment within the preexisting urban configurations.

After thoroughly analyzing the structural logic of preexisting spatial configurations, Collage intends to respond to urban, functional, social as well as aesthetic parameters by developing and implementing corresponding mobile architectural systems.

The mobile systems constitute commercial, entertaining, educational as well as cultural and social facilities. One mobile system as such (image on the right) consists of 4-5, electrically controlled, vehicles respectively moving one architectural subpart of the system. Once in place, the mobile subparts plug into each other and merge into one  functional architectural system.

The introduction of a new mobile and sustainable architectural language correlates with the global aim to create CO2-free urban environments. The novel mobile architectures intend to minimize resource-consuming processes and are able to change and adapt without the need for a time-consuming, transformational, construction process. Collage-systems emerge in order to temporarily serve the inhabitants’ needs. After their performance they gradually leave the scene and free the place for new forms of occupation and interaction.